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Worried about how your wedding photography will turn out? Read this….

Yay! The wedding ceremony is over. You’re Mr and Mrs! It’s official. The rest of the day will be wonderful, including your photography.

yone focused in the shot, and not looking elsewhere.

Listen to the photographer’s advice. Your photo session can run smoothly, quickly and with no pressure. If you follow these wedding tips, it will be a piece of cake. Wedding cake, hopefully!!

Make a list of all the variations of family photographs you would like to have and ask a friend who knows all family members to help arrange the groups for the photography.

PAY ATTENTION TO THE PHOTOGRAPHER, especially during the family portraits. People are very excited at this time, but if everyone follows the photographer’s lead, things will run quickly and smoothly. Nominate someone from the bridal party to help keep everHe is the professional and sees beauty in backgrounds and situations that you would not consider. Follow his lead, relax and genuinely have fun on the day..

Keep an emergency kit handy during the day. Include: hair spray, brush, comb, lip stick, foundation, mini sewing kit, safety pins, band aids, Panadol, deodorant, hand towel (for wiping sandy feet) and sunscreen.

Be careful with spray-tan: They can appear exaggeratedly colourful in photographs, especially when compared to non spray tanned skin of others in the bridal party.

A second pair of comfortable white shoes will be handy for location shots, especially if you will walk on soil or sand. Shoes are barely visible in location photos.

Make sure you’ll have enough cold or warm drinks and snacks for you and the bridal party (avoid red drinks or red sauces in case of spilling). Take straws for drinking to avoid spoiling your lipstick.

In case it rains, make sure you have enough umbrellas. Check with the car company if they are providing umbrellas. Many do.

Bring along some money to spend on drinks or coffee, if a café or bar is visited.
During winter, coats will keep you warm and happy. This is particularly important for the girls, whose lightweight dresses can be very cold outdoors.

Don’t chew gum on the day – it is not attractive and will be in the photos!

Use insect repellent during the photography session. A fly on the face is not a good look.

If photo locations have to change suddenly, just smile and go with the flow. Don’t worry, your photos will still be great. It is you that make the photo beautiful, more than the location.

So relax, have fun and your wedding photos will be wonderful.

From Rosanne Boxer at Visual Productions, a well known Melbourne photography and video studio. Follow them on

Is it a good idea to have wedding photography at the groom’s house?

Well… yes and no.

You should have it if you are sentimental about having photos at your family home. Or if there will be cultural aspects, such as the Greek tradition of shaving the groom, or the Asian tea ceremony.

Photography at home also means you can have some photos with your pets :) After all, Scruffy is part of the family too.

But most of the photos taken at your home will be repeated after the service with family portraits. There will be the same people (and the bride is included too), but at a different location.

Detail photos – the cufflinks, tie and rings can still be taken during the location photography.

So if your package is based on time, you need to think about whether the grooms’ home is more important than perhaps having the photographer stay longer at the reception, or on location.

From our experience at Boxer Visual Productions, many people start at the bride’s home and continue from there. But not all…

What ever you decide, remember to relax, have a ball, and it will be reflected in the photos.

And if you are getting married in Melbourne, you are lucky, because Melbourne has THE best wedding location photography in the world. And photographers too! Me, biased??? Naaahhh!

From Rosanne Boxer at Visual Productions, a well known Melbourne photography and video studio. Follow them on

Being a wedding photographer is a hard slog.

A typical bride may say, “It costs that much for six hours of photography? What…??? I think he is ripping us off!”

The truth is that photographers spend much more than six hours on a wedding. There is the planning, practicing, training, communicating, advertising, coordinating, researching and all the other things that make photography look easy – and beautiful.

The average photographer spends 65 hours on each wedding. When all the hours for the wedding are factored in, a typical wedding photographer makes an hourly wage of only $37 per hour before expenses! DJs, florists, make up artists and other wedding service providers are in a similar situation. Wow!

Brides can also think that if you mention you want photography for a wedding, photographers automatically put the prices up. Wedding photography is much more complicated than a normal photo shoot.  There are a lot of calls and consultations, and heaps of emails with the couple in the year of planning up to the wedding. This also continues after the wedding, when the album is custom designed and hand made and a lot of input is needed from the newly married couple.

This amount of time and attention isn’t expected for most non-wedding events; the time investment alone is enough to justify a higher price.

Shooting a wedding involves a huge amount of expertise, and there’s also the risk factor, as it is a one time shoot that can’t be repeated. A bad shoot could go viral and ruin a business.  So photographers worry about what can go wrong because it’s their responsibility.  Added to this is expensive equipment that constantly needs updating, as well as insurance that is needed to cover every job. There also could be copyright fees if music is used on a slide show.

Weddings can be expensive, and you certainly don’t have to spend a fortune.  But if you don’t want to pay much for your photography, you can’t expect a Hollywood style production and attention to detail.

It’s not because photographers don’t want to do it…it’s just impossible. While brides have a budget, photographers have them too.

Brides and wedding photographers have the same end goal in mind – to have beautiful wedding photography that everyone is proud of. A little bit of  understanding helps this become a happy reality.

Want to get the best out of your wedding photography at the groom’s home?

It doesn’t matter if you live in Melbourne or Manhattan. The rules are the same.

If you follow these easy tips, your wedding photos may be award winners;

Have your trousers, shirts and shoes on before the photographer arrives. Leave off the jacket, cuff links, ties, etc. Then the photographer can capture the final part of you and your groomsmen getting dressed. And before you put them on, the photographer can get some great detail shots of your tie, cuff links, lapel flower and shoes.

If you have formal ties, it might be a good idea to pre-tie them and then slip them off your head, so they are easy to fit in front of the camera.

If possible, get a supply of cigars for the guys. They make for great shots. Swirling smoke photos look great. (Smoking is a health hazard though, so don’t make a habit of it!!)

Grooms – don’t change your shaving routine on your wedding day; this can lead to unwanted rashes.

If possible, have a manicure, as your fingers may be in some of the close up detail photos.

Tidy up your house and garden because you may not be sure where the photos are going to be taken. So be prepared.

Finally and most importantly, have fun. Relax and go with the flow. If you genuinely have fun, it will be reflected in the images.

Congratulations and may your wedding day photography give you lifelong memories.

From Rosanne Boxer at Visual Productions, a well known Melbourne photography and video studio. Follow them on